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BELLINGHAM, WASH. (October 8, 2008) – Bluewater Productions announced this week their latest horror title; BARTHOLOMEW OF THE SCISSORS issue #1 has completely sold out.

This unique title has a cutting edge style of art – wood burning.   Daniel Crosier produced the art and Chad Helder writes the series.

This classic horror tale is described as; Spectral Phantasms have invaded our world. These ghostly creatures from another dimension occupy the human brain and endow their host with spectacular paranormal abilities. Private investigator Gordon Watt, long aware of the spectral phantasms, investigates a bizarre series of scissor-murders. With the help of a powerful psychic named Jessica, Gordon soon discovers a connection between the phantasms and the mystery of a vengeful, undead boy named Bartholomew. But humanity faces a greater threat: the White Blob emerges from the abyss to colonize pockets of human society. Gordon and Jessica must enlist the help of Bartholomew and the hideous power of his Scissor Swarm or face assimilation by the growing colony of the White Blob.

There are currently no plans to go back for a second printing for BARTHOLOMEW OF THE SCISSORS #1. Fans are encouraged to visit their comic shop and pre-order their favorite BWP books before it’s too late! Bluewater is close to selling out of their “Vincent Price Presents” title. Jason Schultz BWP Vice-President says, “We did a huge overprint on Vincent Price and we are almost sold out of issue #1”.

“People are impressed with this title.   I get more questions on how Daniel Crosier did the art on this title. I have seen the original art and yes they are done of panels on wood – it is inane but cool at the same time.” said BWP Managing Editor Darren G. Davis. “It just goes to show that you don’t have to be mainstream to reach the market. Readers just want great stories with great art, and if you can deliver that to them, they’ll come back for more every month.”

For more information on Bluewater Productions, visit them online at their all-new, recently redesigned Web site (http://www.bluewatercomics.com), or check them out in your local comic book shop!

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