Local comic book illustrator/writer Daniel Crosier has been selected to judge the 2nd annual GI Joe Stop Motion Film Festival

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The festival will be held October 9th, 2008, 7:30PM at the Bug Theater and will combine the excitement of world premiere short-films and fan tributes with the allure of Denver’s nightlife.

The festival highlights up and coming filmmakers, as well as masters of the craft and has already attracted award winning films in the past year. Under the direction of festival president Gio Toninelo, the festival is determined to become one of the hottest and fastest growing stop-motion festivals in the West.

The GI Joe stop motion film festival is the nation’s first festival dedicated to screening works by stop-motion artists who use GI Joe or similar figures (12″, 8″ -sigma 6- and 3 ¾ sizes) as main characters or actors”.

Denver based artist Daniel Crosier was selected as a judge along with other prominent filmmakers, artists, and media in the area.

Crosier speaks about his connection to the iconic toy line.

“As a kid in the 80’s, GI Joe is that what I grew up on. Basically they were my barbie dolls that fought many epic battles and ended up as POW’s or in other dire predicaments . Many faced a tragic end by being buried in the backyard by my own hand or by the ongoing efforts of the dog.

Crafting a fest around GI Joe’s and the painstaking process of stop motion is brilliant. I’m so excited I was asked to be a judge, and looking forward to the festival.”

About Daniel Crosier

Artist Daniel Crosier has exploded onto the comic book scene in the last year. Illustrating and writing multiple comic book projects with a variety of well-established publishers, Crosier’s distinctive approach, incomparable perspective and vibrant personality have the industry taking note.

Crosier has a degree in fine art from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Colorado, with an emphasis in drawing and sculpture. His background in fine art has encouraged him develop watershed wood burning technique for illustrating his latest comic book projects, ” Bartholomew of the Scissors,” ” Vincent Prince Presents” and “Distortions Unlimited.”

The comic industry isn’t Crosier only creative venture. He is also the founder and CEO of Thoth Engine Productions, a multi-faceted production company specializing in original performance, music, film and visual art and design. Crosier is available for commissions. For more information about Crosier visit www.DanielCrosier.com.

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