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May 9th, 2008 · No Comments

This interview showed up on Yahoo Hot Jobs Online, Heres my part:

The Colorful World of Comic Book Artistry

Daniel Crosier, comic book illustrator currently working on “Bartholomew of the Scissors” (Blue Water Productions), says comic book illustrations are a natural extension of his artistic ability, which includes creating contemporary wood sculptures, paintings, building props for local films, and directing short films. “This is another outlet for my art and storytelling. Having a background in illustration translates well into comic books.”

Comic book illustrators typically work closely with the in-house editorial department. As stories evolve, so do the illustrations to match the characters and their actions. Illustrators need to adhere to strict deadlines to ensure their role is on track with the publisher’s schedule and be able to work with others. “Work at your craft and learn how to take criticism,” says Crosier.

Dream big: “Network, network, network!” he advises. “If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, make an opportunity. Things will rarely happen to you.” A degree in fine arts is a plus.

Check the whole thing out here Get Paid to Play: Workin’ the Fun Factor

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