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In tough economic times, great art, and events will find a way to surface.  This is true for the EndOtrend EXPLOSIVE show on Saturday, September 19th, 8pm, at 3505 Ringsby Court, Building B, Denver, CO. Bands For Lands’ EndOtrend Explosive presents The Post-Apocalyptic Love Story between The MOTOMAN PROJECT, with there underfed machines of chaos,  the Construct band in their G.I.Joe battle, box car, transport, and no triangle is complete without the Samurai Demons of OFM: OdAm fEI MUd to corrupt the landscape in monstrous fight choreography.  Mor acts to be announced. $10.00. www.endotrend.com.

EndOtrend is a fine arts festival and special events funded by the Bands For Lands non-profit to promote eco-consciousness and healthy living through the mediums of film, art, and music.  For EndOtrend Explosive, Jeremy Gregory, organizer of EndOtrend  and  half of the Construct duo, has brought together an entertaining and dynamic grouping of talent in spectacle, art, and performance for the September 19th event, which promises to be a daring and explosive night.

MOTOMAN PROJECT: The MOTOMAN PROJECT is an interactive machine/robot performance-based experiment. A collaboration of work by machine artists, kinetic sculptors and audio-video technicians. The MOTOMAN PROJECT combines civilian technology and industrial salvage to function as elements within their excessively engineered creations accompanied with experimental audio is what the MOTOMAN PROJECT brings to the arena. The MOTOMAN PROJECT is the opus of a congregation of young mad-scientists, gathering in the basements and warehouses to create some of the most dangerous and stimulating art in Denver.

The Construct is a two man operation performing out of their mobile stage and headquarters – a transforming box truck.   Their sound pushes the boundaries of what punk and indie rock can be as it mates aggressive, fiery songs with lonely, contemplative material. Instead of opting for a traditional band they expand their creativity through the use of samplers and systematically switching between multiple instruments during its songs resulting in a surprisingly rich tapestry of sounds, built on angular guitar work and tricky tempos.

OFM: OdAm fEI mUd (Oh-dom feh mood) is a samurai/neo-kabuki, performance art group and play. The performance is choreographed fighting and sword work, ripping away at prosthetics and props, only to give way to a b-movie bloodbath! The music is the only narrative to this stage performance in tyranny and ambiguity!  The music itself is a progressive and ever changing score based in heavy drumming!

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