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In a world filled with stories about smaller publishers not being able to pay their creators, you’ve been chugging along strongly for a bit now and are adding new and unusual comics (like Bartholomew of the Scissors) to your lineup. What’s something that has been pivotal in Bluewater’s success?

Darren Davis: Finding the right talent at the right time. Bluewater has been fortunate in being able to attract both new and established talent based on the strength of our titles. I will admit it is very tough being an independent. You don’t have the same distribution channels, marketing reach and budget for marquee name artists as the major players. So you need to be different. You need to continually do things that will make you stand out from the pack. But, you have to back up all the talk and positioning with quality product. Bartholomew of the Scissors is a great example. Chad Helder wrote an original and compelling horror tale that was illustrated using a unique wood burning technique by artist Daniel Crosier. The finished product is amazing. Your average comic book collector has only a finite amount they will spend on their collection, so we try to honor their investment in us by making sure the writing is strong, the art is polished, professional and unique, and that the physical product is good or better than other books.

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