Bartholomew of the Scissors is a burned, rather than drawn, comic

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Bluewater Productions this week published the first issue of Bartholomew of the Scissors, a new monthly comic by Chad Helder and Daniel Crosier. What makes this comic unique is the artist’s technique: it’s neither drawn or computer-illustrated, but rather wood burned. Artist Daniel Crosier cut 88 pine panels for the four-volume series, explaining “my gallery illustration work has taken a turn to drawing on wood, steel, and other materials for composition. I wanted to take that concept and use the wood burning technique to expand on visual dialogue for the series.” The art does also make use of traditional materials (graphite, paint marker, colored pencil, and ink), but wood burning is the predominant approach to the art and storytelling.

Crosier’s technique was to 1) cut the wood into 8.5″ x 11″ panels; 2) use graphite, a wood burning tool, and a paint pen to create the art; 3) scan the wood panels (the sap from the burned portion of the pine panels reflects in the light of the scanner, giving it “a rich, unique tone against the grain”); 4) send to Bluewater for lettering. Following publication of the comics, he intends to show the panels in galleries and museums. He has displayed the covers at some conventions, but plans to keep all the pieces together.

Writer Chad Helder said “The best part about creating comic books is the collaboration with artists: pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers, and in this case wood-burners. Daniel’s illustrations bring entirely new dimensions to the story. The characters have really grown and flourished through Daniel’s graphic interpretations of their faces and actions—especially Bartholomew, who has become a very frightening little boy.”

Oh, and the story? “Spectral Phantasms have invaded our world. These ghostly creatures from another dimension occupy the human brain and endow their host with spectacular paranormal abilities. Private investigator Gordon Watt, long-aware of the spectral phantasms, investigates a bizarre series of scissor-murders. With the help of a powerful psychic named Jessica, Gordon soon discovers a connection between the phantasms and the mystery of a vengeful, undead boy named Bartholomew. But humanity faces a greater threat: the White Blob emerges from the abyss to colonize pockets of human society. Gordon and Jessica must enlist the help of Bartholomew and the hideous power of his Scissor Swarm or face assimilation by the growing colony of the White Blob.”

Wowio has a preview at this link.

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