A Night of Fake Blood With OdAm fEI mUd

May 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Title: A Night of Fake Blood With OdAm fEI mUd
Location: GLOB!
Description: Samurai performance group OFM: OdAm fEI mUd, with the Construct, Pistis Sophia, and Miss D\’Vour & Her Ghoulies, 3551 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216. $5.00. 21 & over
Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2008-06-21

An evening of b-movie sentiments, presented live, in the flesh and fake blood, so to speak. Fake blood will drizzles from the ceiling, onto the plastic surfaces, with pools of gorey jello. It is encouraged for all attendees to wear white – you will get soaked! Headlining the event is the avant, b-movie, samurai demons of OdAm fEI mUd, hacking away at each other with their progressive skits of tyranny, and introducing short film as part of the multimedia experience. Local super-duo band, the Construct, will be present performing out of their transport/venue and over-flowing into the mouth of GLOB. The Construct and other musicians will also be performing alive improvised session as Pistis Sophia, while Miss D’Vour & Her Ghoulies display high tolerances for pain, eroticism, and gore.

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